Jewel Mark, The Mark of Distinction

From our watch collection including Gucci and Victorinox to our showcases which include designers such as Claude Thibaudeau, Gregg Ruth, Rebecca, King Baby and Roberto Coin, Jewel Mark offers our clientele nothing less than the gift of service, trust and wisdom. Our clients also have the luxury of finding the perfect 20 carat diamond, as well as finding in our store examples of the latest techniques in cutting of these diamonds.

We also have a fabulous selection of one of a kind Native American jewelry in turquoise and coral.

Along with our quality service and jewelry we also retain a Graduate Geologist from the Geological Institute of America as well as senior master jeweler on staff at all times.

If you see a piece that you'd like to know more about, please call 820-6304. We would love to be of service.

Fine Jewelry Santa Fe, NM

Located in the heart of Santa Fe's historic Canyon Road, we offer a plethora of fine diamonds and jewelry from all over the world.